How the program works

Send an invite to your friends. All they have to do is sign up and send money with EzyRemit.

Refer your friends

Login to your account and click on "Refer a Friend" to send the referral link.

Create Account & Send Money

Encourage your friend to sign up using your referral link and send their first money transfer.

Earn Rewards

You’ll both earn the money. The more you share, the more you earn.

Earn more money anywhere, anytime

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to refer your friends to products that you already use. Our Refer a Friend program is extremely easy that you can do at anytime, anywhere. When you have a second, just use your phone to login your ezyremit account and click on "Refer a Friend" to send an invite to your friends. When your friend signup an account and send the first transaction, you’ll both get the money.
Referrals must be a new EzyRemit’s customer who reside in the same country as you and additional send requirements may be required for rewards to apply. Click here for program’s details.

Refer your friends and start earn money!

Invite Your Friends

Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions contains answers to commonly raised queries about the program.

To refer friends, share your personal referral link or you can type your friend's email address to receive the link to their email inbox.
To be eligible for our referral program:
1. You must have a registered account with Ezyremit and have at least one successful transaction in the sending amount of $99 (applicable in the currency of the country where the program applies) and JPY 50,000 (for Japan).
2. You and your referral must reside in the same country.
3. The Referees must neither be existing customers nor have an account with Ezyremit. After your Referees signed up using your link, they must make the first successful transaction of $99 (applicable in the currency of the country where the program applies) and JPY 50,000 (for Japan) to a person other than the Referrer.
4. Your Referral’s transfer is not canceled either by Referral or by EzyRemit.
5. There are no limits on the number of referrals you can refer. You’ll receive a reward for every successful referral you make.

The program currently only applies the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

This is normally 2,000 JPY (if you're sending from Japan) and 30$ (Applicable according to the currency of each country) as this can vary based on country or if we’re running a promotion.
We can change the program at any time, so be sure to check it regularly. If you keep inviting friends after we make changes, this means you accept the new terms.

Upon fulfilling the Terms and Conditions of the Friend Referral Program, the reward will be transferred to your Cash Account to use EzyTravel Services. Please be advised that a notification email titled "Refer a Friend Reward has been transferred to your Cash Account" will be sent to you. Once you receive the email, please kindly review the withdrawal instructions attached to it in order to effect a successful withdrawal.

Step 1: Access to and login to your account
Step 2: Scroll down -> Select "Refer A Friend"
Step 3: You can share your link by clicking "Copy to Clipboard" or typing a Friends Email address.

Step 1: Access to and login to your account
Step 2: Scroll down -> Select “Referral Commission”
Step 3: You can track your referral commission

Your friend will receive reward money after their first completed transfer, and the reward may change from time to time.

For information security reasons, we cannot share details about your friend’s transaction progress with you. If your friend’s transfer was successful, your referral reward will be automatically sent to you by us.

Please note that your friend must sign up for EzyRemit using your referral link and successfully complete their first transfer to receive the referral reward. Please contact us if you believe your friend signed up using your referral link and successfully completed their first transfer, and your referral reward is unavailable.

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