EZYREMIT WORLDWIDE PTY LTD is an online international money transfer service regulated and authorised by the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). We can help transfer money overseas an unlimited amount without costing much.

EzyRemit provides online platforms for remittance, including money transfer, international education transfer and EzyCash Passport for travellers. We are confident to offer many benefits to the usual customers and students. We can help you transfer an unlimited amount overseas, and we can even help students with their international tuition payments without being charged unnecessary fees.

You can contact us via email info@ezyremit.com, phone number (+61) 402 373 171 (AU) or (+84) 866 52 58 57 (VN), or Chat box on our website www.ezyremit.com.

You can visit us at our head office if you seek face-to-face assistance:

• Level 8, 25 Restwell Street, Bankstown NSW 2200, Australia
• Level 7, Serepok Tower, 56 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Da Kao Ward, Distric 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Also, you can contact our Agents near you. EzyRemit Agents locate in most of the biggest cities in Australia.

• Cheaper fee and competitive exchange rate compared to banks and other transfer services.
• Fast transfers, most transactions will take 0 - 24 hours.
• No limit on the transfer amount via bank accounts.

Yes, certainly. Because Ezyremit follows regulatory agencies in Australia:

• Australian Transaction Reports & Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC)
• Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

Registration is a mandatory process for our remittance services. After you register with us, you can create transactions, and your remittance can be completed in several minutes. This process saves a lot of travel time for you not to travel to the physical banks.

First of all, you need to access our platforms such as our website www.ezyremit.com or mobile app EZYREMIT. Here are steps you need to follow:

1. Sign up with us, and then you can log in to your EzyRemit account.
2. Initiate a transaction.
3. Confirm with us your personal details. Make sure your profile information is accurate. You are also required to provide a valid government-issued photo ID (for example, Passport, Driver license, National ID card, etc.).
4. Make payment for the transaction.
5. After your details have been verified and your payment is successfully made, your transfer will be delivered to the Recipient or Beneficiary.

Signing up is one of the important requirements of our remittance service. We communicate with you mostly via email. At the beginning of the registration, we send the confirmation link to your personal email and require you to click the link to confirm your email address. We will send you all important notifications of your transactions via email. Therefore, email is an essential requirement in our signup process.

Before conducting your transaction, we need to verify your identity, which is regulated by regulatory agencies that we comply with.

According to AUSTRAC’s regulations, ID verification is a mandatory process. Once you are verified with your valid identity documents, you can make remittances on EzyRemit’s platforms. The identity documents that EzyRemit accepts are:

• All passports (Australian and overseas).
• Australian-issued driver’s license.
• National ID Card.

The answer is “No”.

According to the Terms and Conditions of the Ezyremit, you can only implement the money transfer when providing accurate information based on your ID documents (Passport, Driver Licence and ID cards). Once you provide a wrong name, which leads to Ezyremit's inability to verify customers, your transfer can be delayed.

In addition, you are not allowed to change the receiver’s name as well as other required information on your own after you submit the transaction. If you want to have any changes about your transaction information or your profile information, please get in touch with us as soon as possible via our hotline (+61) 402 373 171 (AU) or (+84) 866 52 58 57 (VN), email info@ezyremit.com, or chat box on our website www.ezyremit.com and our application.

Our exchange rates are updated on our online platforms. You can see them once you access our website without logging to your account.

Please be noted that the exchange rates are different among our services. The exchange rate applied for Consumer service is shown on the Home page of our website. Regarding Education Service, you need to access “Education Payment" under the "Payment service" tab to see the equivalent amount in your currency needed to pay for a specific amount in foreign currency. Regarding EzyTravel Service, you need to access the “EzyTravel” tab on our home page to see the relating services and exchange rate as well as fee list.

It may vary, depending on how much you would like to send and where you are sending it. Fees are shown promptly on our online platforms once you enter the amount of transfer.

To change the sending country, please click the flag icon up on the right side on our website ezyremit.com. The sending country in your first transaction with us will be the default sending country for all your transactions. If you would like to change your sending country, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via Hotline (+61) 402 373 171 (AU) or (+84) 866 52 58 57 (VN), email info@ezyremit.com, or the chat box on our website www.ezyremit.com and our application.

Please note that your sending country is the country linked with the address shown on your EzyRemit account.

We have to levy a tax on our transfer fee according to local tax laws. Where transactional taxes apply, these will include the fee payable or shown separately at the payment time and will not impact the Recipient's amount.

Ezyremit will pay out the agreed amount to the Recipient and not withhold any taxes on the money you transfer. Depending on the nature of a transfer, you and the Recipient may need to declare and pay tax. Ezyremit cannot advise whether the tax applies to your transfer, and we recommend that you ask a financial advisor and the relevant tax authority.

EzyRemit will guarantee your exchange rate for 36 hours since your transaction is submitted. Unless we have received your payment in 36 hours, your transaction will be updated with the real-time exchange rate quoted on our website.

You can make an unlimited number of transfers which all have a guaranteed rate for 36 hours since you submit the transactions. Please be advised that you only set up a transfer if you intend to complete it.

If you created multiple transfers but only paid for one of them, we will assign your payment to the transfer that has the reference number you stated in your payment transfer or the transfer you confirm to pay for. You can cancel any transfer you do not intend to complete and leave just one action, so we know where to assign your money.

We have a limit on the amount of a transaction paid by cash. The fortnight limit of each customer for Pay-in-cash transactions is 9,500 AUD. Also, you are not allowed to deposit more than 9,500 AUD at ATMs per two weeks. If we notice you're structuring your transactions to avoid our amount limit, we will cancel your transactions immediately.

The individual transaction has an unlimited amount; you can carry out various transactions depending on your needs.

You only initiate a transfer if you intend to complete it. In some circumstances, if your accumulated amount of transfer in two weeks is more than fifty thousand Australian dollars (AUD 50,000), we might require additional information about your transaction.

It is very difficult to tell the exact time. It all depends on the countries you are sending from/to, what time you pay for the transfer, and, more importantly, your information verification.

As long as customers have completed their transaction, including the payment, and received the receipt with an online tracking number, the Recipient will receive the money within minutes (0 - 24 hours) from agent locations in different countries.

Fund availability is in Australia and Vietnam; however, your money may be delayed or services unavailable depending on transaction conditions and banks.

It is very difficult to tell the exact time. It all depends on the countries you are sending from/to, what time you pay for the transfer, and more importantly, your information verification.

In this case, you need to contact us to cancel the transfer as soon as possible. We’ll refund the transferred money to you only when your transfer is on the way to us and hasn’t been delivered to the Recipient. After that, you can create a new transaction with accurate details.

However, if it’s too late and the money has been sent out to the Recipient, what you need to do is:

• Contact the person you are transferring to.
• Inform them that you have got their bank details wrong.
• Ask them whether they can transfer the fund back to EzyRemit bank account. Once we receive the refund, we will notify you via email to keep you updated. Then, we will refund the money to you.

You can cancel it only when we haven’t delivered the transfer to the Recipient yet. Once it has been marked “Completed”, it cannot be cancelled. In this case, we recommend you contact the person you are transferring to return your money.

However, if the transfer hasn’t been delivered yet, you will be refunded into your provided bank account.

EzyRemit WorldWide Pty Ltd is regulated and authorised by the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The regulated bodies will protect you, and they will ensure that we act honestly and reasonably at all times.

Besides, we respect your privacy, and we only use your details with the sole purpose of providing the best services to you.

Ezyremit guarantees that your money is always kept safe in EzyRemit accounts under AUSTRAC supervision. Therefore, it would not be affected if we were to become insolvent.

We will return all your money to you, and a bank transfer will take approximately 1-2 business days to appear back in your bank account.

If banks have insolvency or other issues, your money will be stored. Then your money would not be protected. We do not guarantee that you can be able to receive your money back in that situation.

When you make remittance on Ezyremit’s platforms, or you transfer funds to an Ezyremit account, and you consider it scammed, the followings are what you should do:

If you are an Ezyremit customer, contact us immediately. We might be able to cancel the transfer before the fund is delivered to other bank accounts.
File a police report. If you’re the victim of fraud, you should report it to the police — Ezyremit can supply them with information to help your case.

If the money has been already transferred, Ezyremit can’t guarantee that you will be able to get your money back, but we are here to help.

This link shows how to report the crime in Australia https://www.counterfraud.gov.au/find-where-report-fraud

Simply, you can choose the payment method as follows:

• Bank transfer (Financial institution / Account name / BSB / Account number).
• PayID (Email / Phone Number / ABN).
• Cash Deposit (deposit cash to our Bank account at ATMs or bank branches).
• Pay in Cash.

Using our remittance service, you are allowed to deposit a maximum of 9,500 AUD at ATMs within two weeks.

The delivery options that we offer up to now is Bank Transfer and Cash Pickup.

These are some possible reasons for your transaction’s delay:

• There might be issues with your identity verification and transaction verification, so that we may require you more information, which might take a longer time.
• You have not made payment to us, or your payment has not reached our account, or your payment has not been sufficient.
• You provided inaccurate details about the transaction and Recipient, so that you need to confirm with us about the accurate ones.
• Your financial institution holds your transferred payment for verification, which is out of EzyRemit’s control.
• Financial institutions are on holiday, so they do not process the transfer immediately.

• The time taken for a refund depends on technical issues or country currency.
• Ezyremit will pay the refund amount into the bank account you last notified to us by you, or where the original amount was paid to us from a credit or debit card, by crediting to that credit or debit card; or in cash if we consider appropriate in our discretion.
• Generally, the refund process may take 5 business days or longer as you agreed (based on our Terms and Conditions).
• For more details about refund and set-off policy, we highly recommend you read session 7 in our Terms and Condition.

The "Delivered" status means that we have sent the money to the Recipient.

If the Recipient has not received the money, there are two possible reasons:

• Firstly, the receiving bank is still processing the money. Some banks are slower than others — it might take up to 36 hours for the transfer to appear in Recipient’s bank account. Therefore, your money is safe while the Recipient’s bank is processing it. The Recipient can ask their local bank to speed this up.
• Secondly, the money has arrived, but the Recipient might not recognise the transfer when it arrives in their account. Using the transfer receipt, we recommend they should check: o The Sender and Recipient: The Recipient should look for a transaction on their bank statement from Ezyremit Worldwide — they will not see the Sender’s name. The transfer might also come from one of our banking partners. In this case, they can identify it from the transaction reference number. o The currency and amount. The Recipient's account might be in a different currency than the one you've sent them. In this case, their bank will convert the money into their currency, and the amount might be different than expected.

Yes, you totally can. Especially, we do not have a threshold for either minimum or maximum amount.

Yes. We provide these services too, as long as they support international students during their time overseas.

If you have the invoice for the accommodation fees and living costs, you can totally use the Education service; otherwise, you can use Consumer service, which also offers a competitive exchange rate and fast speed.

Once we receive your payment, we will deliver the transfer to the Beneficiary. It might take up to three business days for the University to update your payment on the system.

EzyTravel provides a powerful travel mantra for those travelling overseas with two separate services: EzyCash Passport and EzyMoney Card. We currently provide EzyCash Passport and will provide EzyMoney Card in the near future.

EzyTravel enables customers to exchange foreign currency with their home currency based on our quoted exchange rate and fee.

You can access EzyTravel service by click the "EzyTravel” tab on our Home page ezyremit.com and our application to know more details.

EzyCash Passport benefits travellers who are visiting countries that mostly use cash, such as Vietnam and Asian countries. You do not need to carry a big wallet of cash with you, which is insecure. Instead, you can use our EzyCash Passport service to order cash and withdraw cash in your convenience.

Some other money transfer services and banks do not allow you to order and pick up cash in a fast way, especially when you do not have a bank account in the country you are visiting. They might require sophisticated procedures, which might take a long time and be costly for you to get cash in hand and be ready for your enjoyable time overseas.

Choosing EzyCash Passport will solve your problem and save your money. We enable you to exchange foreign cash with a competitive exchange rate and low fee without a bank account in Vietnam where you are visiting. You can exchange cash via our website and application with your EzyRemit Cash account. Also, you can withdraw foreign cash up to the available balance in your Cash account in all commercial bank branches in Vietnam with your valid Passport.

First of all, you need to register for a Cash account with us via our website or application. Then, you choose the foreign currency you want to have in cash. After that, you order cash by following the steps we show you on website or our app. You need to pay for the cash order to make the cash available for you to withdraw. After your payment for the cash order, the fund is available for you to withdraw in cash in Vietnam. Also, before you actually withdraw the cash, please request the withdrawal via our website and application after logging in with your EzyRemit Account.

You can go to “EzyTravel” tab on our website and our application to access to EzyCash Passport service. Please make sure that you already registered for your Cash account prior to making any orders. Then, you can follow the steps shown on the website or application to top up the currency in your cash account.

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via Hotline (+61) 402 373 171 (AU) or (+84) 866 52 58 57 (VN), email info@ezyremit.com, or the chat box on our website www.ezyremit.com and our application.

You need to log in with your EzyRemit account and then choose the EzyTravel tab on our website or our application to access the service. Please make sure that you already registered for the Cash account and your withdrawal request should not exceed your current available balance. You should follow the steps which are shown clearly on our platforms.

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via Hotline (+61) 402 373 171 (AU) or (+84) 866 52 58 57 (VN), email info@ezyremit.com, or our chat box on our website www.ezyremit.com and our application.

You can withdraw cash with your valid Passport at any branches of commercial banks in Vietnam in working hours from around 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (local time) on business days every week from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays and bank holidays.

Yes, you can. You should access "Cash Redemption" after logging in to your account on our website or application platforms. You need to follow the steps we indicate on the platforms to submit the redemption request. Once receiving your redemption request and verifying your request, we will transfer the refund to your last provided bank account based on our Terms and Conditions.

Once receiving your redemption request, we will process your request and transfer the required fund back to your bank account that you provided on our platforms. The process might take around 0-24 hours.

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